• Andre K
    I cannot recommend First Steps Early Education enough! The staff are incredibly loving and attentive, and my children have thrived under their care. The facilities are top-notch and always clean, and I appreciate the daily updates and communication from the teachers. It brings me such peace of mind knowing that my child is in such a safe and nurturing environment while I am at work. Thank you!
    Andre K
  • Chrisa F
    What wonderful memories my kids will have! I have been lucky enough to have had all 3 kids enrolled at First Steps Early Education from the time they were 2 years old until they left to go to ‘big school’. I have always felt comfortable about where my kids were, what they were doing during the day, how they were being treated and what they were being taught. All the staff are wonderful, friendly and professional and more importantly my kids loved all their teachers. My eldest 2 kids still remain friends with students that went off to different schools and I know this will also happen when my last child leaves the centre.
    Chrisa F
  • Natalie L
    First Steps Early Education is a wonderful preschool with very personable, dedicated and caring staff. Both our children have learnt so much and developed as confident individuals since attending this centre. It’s the extra quality care the preschool provides that makes it a special place. Such as when you arrive to collect your child the staff make time to tell you the little details about your child’s day – who they may have played with, new skills learnt and simply just the kind of day they have had. This is in addition to the amazing 'Kindy Hub' app that has been recently introduced, detailing the day’s activities with pictures! Through the staff’s guidance and structured activities, we have watched the confidence grow and important social skills develop in our children that they will need, in particular, as they progress through schooling life. Our daughters enjoy completing the fun, learning experiences and activities that are incorporated into the pre-school day and they are always made to feel very proud of what they have achieved.
    Natalie L
    Beverly Hills
  • Dimitra Z
    All my 3 children have attended First Steps Early Education in their early years with my youngest finishing this year to attend Kindy. We have always found the team at First Steps Early Education professional, friendly, innovative and organised. A huge thank you to Daniel, Luisa, Ange, Val, Ann, Holly, Jess and especially Rinly (who actually looked after all 3 kids). You have all been instrumental in my children’s development both socially and academically and most importantly you genuinely cared for them and supported them from an early age. It’s been a really great partnership and I have also really appreciated the enormous efforts you all put into the special events to keep the kids interested and daily diary updates to keep parents informed and connected to their children’s learning. As the centre has been a part of our lives for the last 9 years, it will be a little sad to say goodbye to the lovely staff and management. I wish you all the best and success in the future.
    Dimitra Z
  • Maram M
    Selecting a child care centre for my children was extremely difficult with so many local options. I am so glad I made the correct decision of sending them to First Steps Early Education. A centre with exceptional service and care. My children have learnt so much in these past years and I only have the staff at First Steps to thank. I love that my children look forward to attending child care every day, that makes me feel so satisfied with the program and care they receive. Well done and thank you to the team at First Steps Early Education.
    Maram M
  • Deana M

    I've tried a number of child care centres in the area but have struggled to find the right fit for my son. From the very beginning the team at First Steps were welcoming, engaging and enthusiastic about working not only with the child, but the whole family, providing a space that is positive and accommodating.

    The communication between staff and parent is clear and complete and the team does an amazing job of working with each individual child’s strengths and limitations, nurturing the child's growth and development physically, socially and intellectually.

    The centre itself is new, clean and tidy. It is a wonderful space for little ones to explore and grow. My son is always smiling and telling me what a great day he's had when I pick him up.

    Deana M
  • Penny L

    Choosing a daycare for your child is crucial for every parent. We have had a number of bad experiences, but walking into First Steps the director made us feel at home. My son loves going every day - he has learnt so much, and he developed strong relationships with his educators.

    I leave my little boy knowing not only that he is safe but that the educators are teaching him selfcare skills and developing other crucial skills.

    I highly recommend to any family!

    Penny L
    Bardwell Park